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Recently I have gotten some questions about some technical aspects of Blogger. I don't claim to be an expert with Blogger, but the more I use it, the more I learn how to use it. Most of the answers to these questions are found on Blogger's Help Page.

Posting Pictures
Blogger has helpful advice here. I just came across a nifty site that lets you do slide shows called easily enough Slide.com. For an example of what it looks like, I recently used it for my own photos blog http://stanknrankn-photos.blogspot.com

To place links in your post, highlight the text you want the link to be associated with and click on the little green ball with a chain link above it. It will open another window. Place the webpage address in the box and click OK. The text in your post should appear underlined and in a different color.

To place links on a sidebar (something that I've taken advantage of mightily), this requires some questions to determine the route the take.

- If you created your blog in the regular Blogger, go to this page for more info.

- If you created your blog in Blogger Beta (the far better version IMHO), then follow these steps:

1. Click on the Template Tab where you post. You will go to a page that says "Add and Arrange Page Elements."
2. If there isn't a page element that is already has links in it, click on "Add New Page Element"
A new window will open and give you a variety of page elements to add. Click on "Link List."
3. Another window will open. Below are the descriptions of the window to fill out.

Title - Name of the List (Friends, Blogs, Music, etc.)
Sorting - I would choose alphabetically, but this is me.
New Site URL - this is the website address
New Site Name - this is the name you want to appear on the list. May not be the name of the website address but something to describe it.

When you have these filled out, click "Add Link"
Add as many links as you want. When finished, click "Save"

4. Now you have a link list. Be sure to place the list (by dragging and dropping) on the page template. Blogger automatically places it as the first item so be sure to place it where you want it.

Hope this helps and check out Blogger Help...it's very helpful...


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