Guess what?!?

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to officially announce that I just officially purchased my plane ticket for the holidays to spend with my family. Where and when you ask?

Well, to give you a clue, I will be saying "Me-le Ka-liki-maka!" to everyone on that day and they will know what I mean. Post your guesses in the comments section below. I'll be sharing the answer later on, although I hope people get it and if not, try googling the phrase.



Amy said...

Oooh! Oooh! Botswana!

Meli-kaliki-maka is "Botswana"'s way to say mer-ry Christmas... to.... YOU!!!


Carol said...

My guess would be Hawaii.
And thank you for the welcome.


Anonymous said...

My guess would be Hawaii also.

The other Carol

Anonymous said...

Wont you miss the cold beautiful weather? No fair by the way. When you going? By the way "Mili-kaliki-maka is the Thing to say on a ..." If you know the rest of the song you know where.:)

adalieplain said...

Hey Sarah!

I guess I shouldn't guess where, since I know where you're going. :)