Hawaii Fun Fact!

Click on the picture below for a fun Hawaii fact!


Anonymous said...

Too funny!! Thankfully I can live without the tea and there are other good brands of ice cream. But I do know many people who would go through withdrawl big time. Did you know that T.H. ice cream is MUCH cheeper in Maine? Crazy huh?!

Anonymous said...

look at you being all hi-tech!!!! yeah, i remember that t.h. withdrawl i went through when i was there!!! arizona tea is actually pretty good and will get you through the rough spots. it's crazy when you think they have to import pretty much everything!! eat some awesome pineapple for me!!! keep the photos and videos coming!!! and most of all - HAVE FUN!!!


Lisa said...

sara...thanks for posting danielle's link on your site!! your site is definitely the "one-stop-shopping" site!! very helpful for me!!!!


Anonymous said...

you are quite the techy (that is NOT to be confused with TREKKI, which has a whole nother meaning!). I'm enjoying your pics and videos!!! :)
Luv ya!
p.s. do you REALLY want to be drinking all that high fructose corn syrup anyway? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Sara, You're a nut! You are always coming up with something wild and wacky! I'm enjoying your trip!
thanks for the coaching on how to leave comments!

Anonymous said...

What a well made video!! You're crazzzy(Nacho Libre). Maybe in Hawaii you could try on some tights and none of us back here on the mainland would know. If you find some you like maybe you could bring me a pair. Anyway
looks like you are having fun. Thanks for the phone call. Can you smell the whoopie pies?
Love ya