Snow Storm 2007

So, the snow finally came! Above you'll see some pictures that I took, but they, sadly, do not illustrate the story I will share.

So Wednesday, work was closed and pretty much all day I had to clean off and see about getting my car out. It did not come out and I was not sure when the landlord's snow removal team would be by to clean out the parking lots. I was facing pretty much the dilemma of taking Thursday off, but that's was extra vacation days are for. Thankfully I did not deplete all of them while I was in Hawaii, and yes I wish I was there right now. Actually I love snow! It makes everything so pretty and cozy. I just do not like ice, nor driving in ice or snow. So Thursday morning after trying everything in my apt, from extra kitty litter(no I do not have a cat - it's for melting ice on my porch) to table salt, my car was just plain stuck. There was no way I was getting it out on my own. So I called CCL's office to see if there was anyone available to come help bail me out. Well, the informidable team of Doug and Kurt came out and we decided to push my car out. As Doug, Kurt and I tried to get my car out, all of sudden 4 big men (landlord's snow removal team) came over and there were 6 men pushing my car out of my spot. I wish I could get a picture of it. One of the men had the plow and he plowed my spot so I would have a place to park! I was so grateful for God's provision and the timing of how everything went! Everything just came together after making the phone call!

Hope everyone enjoys the snow and is safe! Toodles!

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