>>>House Update<<<

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give an update on the house front. Earlier I had posted about the house inspection. Since the house inspection I had been waiting to hear back from the seller on some things I had asked for due to what was found in the inspection report. Before I called the agent to let them know of my thoughts, I got this email that the seller wanted to move the settlement date up and needed to know what my decision was. So, I called a trusted advisor and let him know of the situation and I came up with a game plan for my call to the agent. I was nervous, because negotiating is an area of weakness for me. So I called and the agent and I discussed some options and the seller and I came to a new agreement with a different settlement date! Overall, I think this works out better for me and things won't be rushed while I'm getting the house ready and leaving my current rental apartment.

So, settlement date is now April 27th! which is exactly 7 weeks from today! Yikes! It's going to be here before you know it! So if you're reading this entry wondering what you can do to help, see the following sections below and let me know what area you can help with.
Cleaning new house (Tracy - I have a floor with your name on it!)

Painting new house (this is going to be fun!)

Cleaning old apt. (Julie - get that Dyson ready! We'll test the power of the purple on my old carpets! Also if someone has a carpet cleaner, please let me know!)

Providing boxes for packing things

Help with packing

Moving things - large and small

Helping with organizing moving day

I don't know when these things will take place, but I wanted to start recruiting the troops! As soon as I get handle on scheduling, I will let you know!

And lastly, here's a pic of me in front of my new house! The house inspector made me get in the picture which I was kind of embarrassed to, but now I'm glad he did it!


~Danielle~ said...

Hey Sara,
Yea!!!! How exciting!! I'm going to leave an email too just in case, but we got you covered with the carpet cleaner, no worries. I can also help with whatever else you have in mind. Painting, cleaning, whatever! It's gonna be fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
Yea!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!! What ever you need just let me know! I love to paint! You can ask grocery to stores if they have any boxes they want to get rid of, Sharp Shopper in Leola is usually good with that.

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie
You look like you are queen of Prospect Street!! I can help you in any way you need me. Just let me know. So happy that you are going to be a homeowner. WooHoo!!
Carol Landis

LauraJoy said...

You know I'm always down for some painting!! Just let me know when. And I can be there at the drop of a hat since we'll be NEIGHBORS!! Feel free to stop over if you need a cup of sugar...ha ha ha. So excited for ya!

Bethany said...

I am so excited for you!!!!! I would love to help you with whatever you need (I'll actually be there:-)
Lots of love!

Teresa said...

Yay! I didn't put two and two together yesterday when you said that settlement date was in April. So exciting! I like to paint too, but I'm going to add my name to the list of those that will help with whatever you need. Just let me know. Like Laura, I'm excited we are going to be neighbors.

Lori Randolph said...

Super cute house!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,
I can help moving with my truck.

Jude's Mom said...

Hey, I haven't been to your blog site in awhile! I love the new look!!! WOW! And I can't wait until we're neighbors, Sara. Think of how you can stalk us when you are right around the corner!!! This will be great.

Love ya!

Melody Strayer said...

I love it! I would love to see the inside sometime. I am not sure if Chris and I will be in town that weekend, but if we are, maybe we could help with the move. (Chris has a truck and trailer).