My Weak Faith

So the house inspection was this past Monday and while there were not alot of surprises, the reality of being a homeowner became more real to me afterwards. Not surprising, my faith for new things began to waver. Could I really do this as a single woman with no experience in owning a home before? Thoughts like this filled my head and thankfully God quickly showed me how my focus turned from Him to me. Of course I as a single woman with no experience in owning a home before could not do this, but God can. God is infinite, omnipotent, faithful, true, and all-wise. I am not. He parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could flee from Pharoah's army to the promised land, surely he can keep me safe from all troubles until he calls me home. God's been faithful to single women before me...I am not an exception in this case.

Lord, forgive me for wavering faith, for lack of faith in You with this house...Lord help my faith by showing yourself strong and true once again...Even though you've have proven yourself strong and true thousands of times before and I should know better by now, that is only my arrogance speaking lies...I am a weak and feeble creature that needs you daily, moment by moment to remind me of your grace and mercy...Lord help me to keep my eyes on you...

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