Summer, summer, summer time...

I thought I would update with some of the things I've been up to lately and plans for the summer:

-Vital Life Course on Biblical Counseling
Just wrapped this up this week and it was a wonderful 9 week teaching on biblical counseling from the book Instrument's in the Redeemer's Hands from Pastor Bill. The classes were really good and I often felt like the course counseled me more than learning how to counsel others. There were times of role play with our friend "Elaine" (played by the fabulous Melissa Stoltzfus) but I felt sometimes I wanted to be in the chair to receive the excellent counseling by all.

-Healthy Lifestyle
With some friends and close neighbors support and encouragement, I am working towards getting back to healthier lifestyle with watching what I eat and exercising too. I am going back on the Weight Watchers program I did in the fall where I lost 15 lbs in the 10 weeks before I left for my trip to Hawaii. I am not going to the meetings, but I am keeping track of what I eat more closely. And I know I'm already falling off the wagon because I haven't kept track of my points this week! I am also trying to exercise at least 3 times a week by taking 20 minute walks around my neighborhood. This has been going well.

-Getting to Bed on time
Over the past year, through messages, reading Humility by CJ Mahaney and through seeing consequences of my sinful behavior, I am making the concerted effort to get to bed at an earlier time. Sleep is a gift from God for our good. When I consistently abuse that gift, I am being rebellious towards God and rejecting his best in my life. I have seen marked improvement by getting to bed at a time every night in my health and in my days.



LauraJoy said...

um...the title of your post is like the Will Smith song...and now it's in my head. but that's ok cuz you know i love me some Will Smith! ;)

Sara said...


that was the song I was listening to when I posted...


~Danielle~ said...

Good for you, Sara, as I sit here with a bowl of ice cream! :) You know, I'm just making sure I get my dairy in...