Sorry little darlin. Hope I didn't dent your 'do. :)

Friday, Lisa scored some cheap movie tickets to see Hairspray and a bunch of us went. We practically took up one whole row.

All I have to say is "That is Afro-tastic!" (It's a line from the movie.) I LOVED this movie. And apparently, everyone loved watching me watch this movie. Sheesh. Even in a dark movie theater, I still draw attention to myself. I don't do it on purpose, seriously. First mismatched shoes, then this. I can't win. :)

Did I say I loved this movie? It was pure MUSICAL fun. My favorite was Queen Latifah. That girl can sing! I loved Nikki Blonsky who starred as Tracy Turnblad. She sings and performs very well. I loved her facial expressions! And John Travolta dressed as a woman....well it was explained to me later that this female character was always played by a man and at times it seemed weird (uhhh...oh no...I don't know about this - ask Lisa, Kathleen, Laura, Diana, Julie or Dan about my reactions) and it is still kind of weird to me, but overall it was funny.




Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,

Lauren and I went to see it last week too. It was great! We both loved it! And I can only imagine you expression about Tracy's "mom." I probably had the same expression when I read what you wrote! ha

Kim Cranmer

LauraJoy said...

Thanks for the review. Saves me from posting one on my blog ;)
I agree with all your thoughts. I just thought it was such a well-made movie! And Queen Latifah was definitely my fave. LOVE HER!

Steph B. said...

:) My sister in-law Kelsey called me and told me that I HAVE to see that movie!!!! Thanks for the review :) :)