You've got to be kidding...part II

So Desiring God posted their stats from last week's crazy idea of selling all their book for $5!
Click here to read the post but it's down here in it's entirety.

In the 2-and-a-half-day sale last week, we took almost 11,000 orders and moved more than 125,000 books. To give perspective, we usually only process about a hundred web orders a day, and in 2003 we were excited to have distributed 75,000 books in the whole year. (emphasis mine)

Thanks a lot to those of you who participated! Thanks especially for your patience when the website was slow and the phones were busy. In case you're wondering, we were not expecting to turn a profit with this sale—we actually planned on losing money. As it turns out, we broke even—Praise God! (emphasis mine - I'm glad they broke even, even though I don't see how!)

We are excited to see how God will use the books from this sale to glorify himself. And we are even more excited to dream up more ways we can join with you to keep spreading God-centered resources.

Enjoy all the reading and don't forget to give lots of books away!

And if you want to be in on getting news from Desiring God Ministries like I did:

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Carol said...

That's so great you got all those books. Guess you'll be busy for awhile. Thanks for the little push for me to post on my blog. I did so check it out.