Costco or BJ's

I forgot to update with the Costco or BJ's decision. Well, after much soul searching (just kidding), I went and became a member of Costco a couple of weeks ago. I went there after work and who was at the customer service desk to help me but Janelle Teaman! That girl hooked me up! I was blessed that she was there. I love when I see other Christians of our church families out and about. It encourages me that we are out there, making an impact.

So yes, I am a member of Costco. Sorry if you were rooting for BJ's.



~Danielle~ said...

Hey Sara,
I haven't been a faithful blog reader lately. :( But I'm working at getting there again...good quotes! I especially like the one by C.S. Lewis from a few days ago. See ya at CG, behave. ;)

Shannon said...

you are a wise, wise woman. ;-) we love costco!

Alicia said...

Funny. When we went to sign up early this spring/winter (can't remember) she was the one who signed us up too. I haven't seen her there since so I was wondering if she still works there.

Jude's Mom said...

I cracked up that this was in the middle of all the inspiration you've been posting. VERY important decision, S-Rankin! (And a great choice you made, too)