Pressing toward that better country...

We all naturally desire rest and quietness, and if we would obtain it,
let us seek that world of peace and love of which we have now heard,
where a sweet and blessed rest remaineth for God's people.

If we get an interest in that world, then,
when we have done with this,
we shall leave our cares, and troubles, and fatigues,
and perplexities, and disturbances forever.

We shall rest from these storms that are raging here,
and from every toil and labour, in the paradise of God.

You that are poor, and think yourself despised by your neighbours
and little cared for among men,
do not much concern yourselves for this.
Do not care much for the friendship of the world; but seek heaven,
where these is no such thing as contempt,
and where none are despised,
but all are highly esteemed, and honoured,
and dearly beloved by all.

You that think you have met with many abuses,
and much ill-treatment from others, care not for it.
Do not hate them for it, but set your heart on heaven,
that world of love,and press toward that better country,
where all is kindness and holy affection.

~Jonathan Edwards
Charity and Its Fruits
pg. 365

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