Where's Sara?

That may be what you might say in the next couple of weeks. Life is busy right now and here's a rundown of what the beginning of September is shaping up to be.

Despite all the busyness, I have an overwhelming sense of peace and joy from God and feel humbled and honored to be part of these events...

1 single day (9/1) - yes folks, it's 4 days away...I pray it will be a day glorifying God and bringing singles closer to Him...as of today, the count is up to 150 and still climbing...will you join me in prayer this week?

Ann's bridal shower (9/8) - don't want to give away too many details..but what a privilege to be blessing Ann as she as blessed me and others!

Alpha (9/11) - Alpha is here again and for me that means, smiles, smiles, smiles! Yep, I am greeting again and I'm excited to see what God has in store for Alpha.

So, if you think of me, pray for me that I would continue to feel God's presence and peace these next two weeks...feel free to shoot me an email, even if it's just to say hey...



Steph B. said...

HEY!! oh wait you said email LOL.

I will see you in a few days :)

Alicia said...

Hey girl. I am giving you an open invite to any game you feel like this fall. Just let me know which ones you feel like watching even if it is last min (This is off of your comment on Laura's blog). See you during football season:)