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A couple of quotes came into my inbox this week that I thought were wonderfully tied to the Gospel and I am going to share them with you all:

Quote #1:

“Believe in Jesus Christ, crucified for thy sins. If thou feel thy sins, and the burden thereof, look not upon them in thyself, but remember that they are translated and laid upon Christ, whose stripes have made thee whole (Isa. liii. 5). This is the beginning of health and salvation.”
- Martin Luther, Commentary on Galatians (chapter 2:15-16)

Quote #2:

“Would I gather arguments for hoping that I shall never be cast away? Where shall I go to find them? Shall I look at my own graces and gifts? Shall I take comfort in my own faith and love, and penitence and zeal, and prayer? Shall I turn to my own heart, and say, ‘This same heart will never be false and cold’?

Oh, no! God forbid! I will look at Calvary and the crucifixion. This is my grand argument: this is my mainstay. I cannot think that He who went through such sufferings to redeem my soul, will let that soul perish after all, when it has once cast itself on Him. Oh, no! What Jesus paid for Jesus will surely keep. He paid dearly for it: He will not let it easily be lost. He died for me when I was yet a dark sinner: He will never forsake me after I have believed.

Ah, reader, when Satan tempts you to doubt whether Christ’s people will be kept from falling, you should tell Satan that you cannot despair when you look at the cross.”

- J.C. Ryle, Old Paths

Quote #3:

“When the Lord Jesus Christ offered up Himself a sacrifice unto God the Father, and had our sins laid upon Him, He did give more perfect satisfaction unto Divine justice for our sins than if you, and I, and all of us had been damned in hell unto all eternity.
For a creditor is more satisfied if his debt be paid him all down at once, than if it be paid by the week.”
- William Bridge, quoted in A Puritan Golden Treasury ed. by I.D.E. Thomas

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