Connected at Last!

Sorry faithful readers for the lack of posts. Almost 20 days...wow...that might be the longest for me. But that will hopefully not happen again as I now have secured better Internet access. It took me awhile to find what I wanted without having to pay for something I didn't need. Long story short, I looked at all the possibilities of internet access, from dial-up, DSL, satellite and cable. Nothing was looking promising as I would either have to go back to the dark ages or be willing to sell internal organs for internet access, plus a whole lot of other things I didn't want. But then I got a flyer from my cell phone provider with a product that connects to your laptop (which I have) that gets you wireless internet access from their network. So I looked into it and everything seemed reasonable and the device worked better with my current lifestyle, so here I am connected at last!


Anonymous said...

Sara, So that's where you've been. I've been wondering!
Hair looks great!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Sara,

I was going to ask you tomorrow if everything was okay. Glad it was simple.


Kim C.

Steph B. said...

I was wondering what happened to ya .... glad to have ya back hee hee...

so when are you going to make a trip to WV ????? HEE HEE