The good of fighting for the Gospel

Some quick thoughts about Bob Kauflin's message today at church.

I was struck when he pointed out how Paul's aim of keeping the gospel from being diluted and affected by fear of man exhibited by Peter to the Christians in Antioch bore great fruit and kept the early church from turning to legalism. Bob then posed the question of thinking about the difference of fighting the fear of man in our lives for the sake of the gospel with the power of the gospel. I was struck by Bob's focused attention on the implications for us and have been thinking about it on and off today.

When I fight sin or attempt to fight sin, I usually end up focusing on the sin or the fight itself as the main reason for fighting sin. Thus, and it happens always, I lose heart. Why? Because I am focusing on me or the sin or the fight for the reason of fighting the sin. That's why I lose. Always. The gospel can only free me from my sin and the gospel can only be the reason for fighting sin. Nothing else.


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Adalie Plain said...

Thankyou for that. :) I'm encouraged.