Let's get ready to rumble!

In this corner, weighing 9 pounds and measuring 20 inches long - Halle Weaver!

In the other corner...weighing alot more than 9 pounds and definitely taller than 20 inches - Stank'N Rank'N!

So.....tonight at Alpha, I put Halle Weaver to sleep! Barbara laid her in my arms and after some initial fussing, she fell asleep in my arms. She was fighting it, but little did she know who she was up against!

As I was rocking her to sleep and watching her finally give in to sleep, I was reminded of how we are held in the strong everlasting arms of the Father. In his arms, we can truly be at rest and be comforted by the support of his arms holding us up and carrying us. I needed this reminder and this wonderful picture again. At times it can feel like I'm exposed. Exposed to trials, sufferings, sins committed by others, my sins, questions with no answers, etc. But God in his word, keeps us under his protective wing. And nothing that comes into our life hasn't been first approved by a good and loving Father.

Good night baby Halle! Thanks for falling asleep in my arms and giving me a wonderful picture of the Father!


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~Danielle~ said...

awesome post sara! wish i could have seen you two snuggling. :)