Thankful for...

God's free gift of salvation through his Son Jesus Christ's death on the cross

God's sustaining and powerful grace that is at work in my life

the Holy Spirit as He is my GREAT Comforter

Jesus Christ whose death on the cross assures my place in heaven, where I will eternally live in God's presence forever

God's truth - the Bible

my family - my mother and father who are still living and are believers in Christ

my sister who is also a believer in Christ and is serving right now in the Middle East defending the USA

my church family who impart fresh grace in my life in so many ways including loving me, blessing me with their gifts and speaking encouragement into my life so that I will not fall into the deceitfulness of sin.

my job that allows me to use my gifts and provides the financial means for me to stay in Lancaster

my new house - another one of God's many provisions and channels of grace in building my faith this past year

Happy THANKSgiving!!!

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