Holiday Prayer

Hello all,

This past Wednesday my caregroup had their Christmas party full of food, fun and fellowship. Toward the end, we separated into groups and prayed for each other. During the time and even during the rest of the week, I've been sensing an urging from the Holy Spirit I believe to pray for the following.

This year particularly, I have watched several close friends of mine lose loved ones and thus this Christmas will be the first without them. So I've been praying specifically for them, but also for those who lost loved ones during the holidays.

I know for myself, I have been specifically praying this and may I entreat you to pray as well for individuals who are experiencing this or if you fall in this category, to leave a comment so that I, and others who read, may pray for you? You don't have to leave specifics, but just a name will do.

Lord, I pray for those who may be experiencing sorrow more than joy this Christmas season due to losing a loved one. I pray that you would comfort them fully as only you can. I also pray that you would reveal to them anew your promises to them - and specifically the promise of you sending your Son into the world to redeem mankind to yourself. Jesus Christ - Immanuel - God is with us. I pray those words would be sweeter and felt more deeply by them. In Christ's name, Amen.


Jude's Mom said...

Awe! How cool in light of what I wrote on my blog. The Lord moves our hearts in unity.

Love you! Hope we'll see you soon!!!

Steph B. said...

Thank you Sara!!! This is the first Christmas without my grandma. Thank you for your prayers!!!!!

Carol said...

You can pray for my family Sara. I miss my dad. And I'm sure Joanne K. would appreciate your prayers as well. Thank you for your prayers and your care.

carol joy

Cheryl said...

thanks Sara, I too experienced a loss this past year of my older sister and I only had 1 sweet sister (four brothers) it has been difficult but I know she wouldn't want to be here anymore she's waiting for us... love Cheryl