2007 Holidays Part I

Sorry for the long delay! My holidays were packed, packed, packed!

First off, my parents came for 4 days. It was a great time with them. Here's a rundown of what happened:

- Well, first I had to take my Dad to the ER on Sunday before Christmas. He got poison oak in Texas two days before he came and he was breaking out all over. So I took him to the ER and we got him fixed up. I had never been to the LGH ER before. It was very nice. When my dad checked in they gave him one of those restaurants trackers that beeps and lights up when your table is ready. I thought this was odd, but then again, it gave a sense of reassurance that you were on the waiting list. So after the ER, we came home and after lunch, we made our first of many trips to Lowe's. After that we came back and got ready for the CCL Christmas musical. It was so great. Big kudos to the Garners and Jeremy Stoltzfus for all their hard work to bring this musical with the gospel message to everyone.

- The next day, Christmas Eve, the renovations began. Let's see, my dad put up a motion detector light on the back porch to ward off would be suitors..I mean robbers...He fixed some vent covers that were hanging by a thread..I have more light in the basement. There was a light fixture next to one that was working and my dad worked his magic and got that one to work as well. I did not realize my dad was the handyman! I am truly blessed by my parents!

Let's see...we also got shelves for the basement and he fixed the basement door locks and put a more secure lock on it. Oh, I forgot that he fixed my drain spout on the back porch, so instead of water spilling onto the porch and possibly into the basement, it's now directed out to the lawn. Then we moved upstairs where I personally think the most important work happened. I am proud to announce I have a toilet paper holder in the bathroom, as well, as a hand towel rack and hooks for towels. As I told my dad, "the little things Dad, make all the difference in the world." He also looked at my toilet and changed the flapper that was turning everything black and fixed it so that not so much water filled up in the tank. He also placed some hooks in my bedroom for hanging things and fixed the vent cover in that room. And then of course, the day wouldn't be complete without another trip to Lowe's. This trip, he convinced me to get ceiling fans which will help with heating and cooling bills and which he said he could put up as well. So, after Lowe's, we came back and got ready to go the Christmas Eve service. My parents enjoyed the service and they enjoyed meeting everyone they could.

- The day was Christmas and thankfully no trips to Lowe's. :) But we did spend the day finishing up the renovations. Yep, me and my dad bonding over power tools. We put up curtains and the aforementioned fans. Then in the afternoon, we went to go see National Treasure: book of Secrets and then we came back and I made Christmas dinner. Yep, you read that right. I made ALL of the dinner...well...with some help from some boxes and Costco pumpkin pie! Mmmmm! :)

- The next day my parents wrapped up here in Lancaster before leaving for seeing family in Meadville, PA (that's NW PA). While it was noisy and kind of crazy while they were here, it wouldn't be Christmas if it wasn't like that. As soon as they left, I was sad. The time went by so quickly and it will probably be a year before I see them again.

The visit from them was great and I was very glad for them to finally see some of my life here in Lancakety-Lanc-Lancaster. They were very glad for the house and for my life here. I know when I moved here there was hesitation on their part. They're my parents - so what else what you would expect? :) But I think they are coming to a place of acceptance.

Stay tuned for Part Deux....

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