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Hello all,

I know the past couple of posts have been quotes and not really anything about life. Sometimes I think what other people write communicates so much more clearly than anything I could ever think of. Mostly right now, and this usually happens every winter, I go into a sort of hibernation mode and read and reflect. I find winter time to be a season where I can hear God's voice more audibly than other seasons.

Ironically enough I am currently reading Hearing God's Voice by Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby. I am finding it challenging and stimulating. One quote, very early on in the book is really making a tangible imprint on my soul - one that I hope stays for awhile.

When God speaks, he does not give new revelations about himself that contradicts what he has already revealed in Scripture. Rather, God speaks to give application of his Word to the specific circumstances in your life. When God speaks to you, he is not writing a new book of Scripture, rather, he is applying to your life what he has already said in His Word. Throughout the the Bible, whenever God spoke to someone, that person's life was never the same again. (page 18)

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