Weeping with those who weep

Over at the New Attitude website, there's an excellent entry by a pastor at a Sovereign Grace church titled, "With those who weep." It is a helpful and an understanding article for those of us who have weeped with others or will weep with others in the future.



Parmer Clan said...

This made me think of Emily and James and little Livi of course. So many things make me think of her. I hope it helps anyone who communicates with them.

Steph B. said...


I didn't know when to read this, but with everything going on here I decided to read it. Thank you. this helps me more than you will know!!!

amylynnlindberg said...

I believe the phrase is "have wept". Weep, weeped, have/had/has wept.

amylynnlindberg said...

Did I just say weeped? I meant that they're all wept. Weep, wept, have/had/has wept. Sheesh.

But I can't edit the comment. Shoot.

Jude's Mom said...

This has nothing to do with weeping...unless you weep and need waterproof mascara, but I was on your blog site and decided to leave you a fun comment...

Just really wanted to tell you that I got some new make-up today! :) Can't wait for Monday! Hooray!

Love ya!