Hey kids...Registration for NA is open. Watch below for a promo video.

Some have asked me what my plans are for NA. Well, I am actually considering not attending again this year. My sister is currently deployed in the Persian Gulf and her deployment should be ending in May. She has expressed that she will be taking some vacation time to visit people, hopefully me included. I am also hoping that her and I will be able to drive down to Louisiana to see my aunt who lives outside New Orleans. I am also exploring the idea of attending the Worship God conference in the Fall as well.

So between these two trips, NA is kind of out of the picture. But I do encourage everyone to go if they can, even if it is to serve (that's a hint for you Loretta and Carol Landis).

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Anonymous said...

It was great hanging out with you last night! You are too funny...and those stories....they made me laugh so hard!:):)