Fill in the blank fun

I like the month of March because ___________________.

My answer hands down - MARCH MADNESS!!!!! UNC ALL THE WAY!!!

What's your answer? Post in the comments.


LauraJoy said...

It's my BIRTHDAY month! :)

Steph B. said...

I love March because that means spring is almost here. And flowers and the sun and...... We have friends coming to visit us :)

Parmer Clan said...

I love March because it means that the promise of Spring is here...and that HOPEFULLY our germs will go away and we can go out and play soon!!
From a cooped Mom with 2 out of 3 sick kids, 1 sick hubby, and I'm not feeling hot either!!!

Parmer Clan said...

That would be "cooped up" Mom!!hehe

Danielle Wilson said...

the winds...i just love those harsh, cold, biting winds. yipee.
actually, i love the feeling when spring is just sort of hinting at coming. it builds the anticipation and makes april AWESOME! :)

Anonymous said...

SPRING IS COMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FLOWERS WILL BLOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and of course,
MARCH MADNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You go baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!