Not what it used to be

I wanted to post the link to something that an author over at Boundless posted about recent activities on eHarmony. I share it because I didn't know what was going on over at eHarmony. Don't get me wrong. I know wonderful couples who met and married from eHarmony and other sites like it. What disturbs me is the direction eHarmony is going. It is definitely not what it used to be.

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Jude & Kate's Mom said...

I'm curious...did e-harmony start as a Christian thing? I didn't think that it did. If not, then the article you posted comes as no great surprise. That seems to be the way the whole world views relationships this day...sadly, even in many Christian circles.

Thanks for the post, Sara. I know several people who use e-harmony. Did you know Dan and I were logged onto it at the same time when we were singles and it didn't match us? So much for their great equations...they couldn't find God's best for me! HA!

Love you!