No reception of any kind in WV, except the generous kind.

This past weekend, I got away to the mountains of WV with my friends, Laura and Lisa to visit our dear friends, the Bowmans. Part of the bonus with visiting the Bowmans is going to their church, Living Faith Church. It was wonderful to see how the church has grown since I visited almost 3 years ago. It was also wonderful to see the additions to their church building.

The message at LFC was the beginning of a new series for the church called True Repentance. The first message was preached by their pastoral intern, Josh Blount. It was excellent. I recommend listening to it. I am so grateful for the excellent teaching that Sovereign Grace churches bring.

And for friends (Gabe, Stephanie, Caleb and Kristy) to visit. :)


Steph B. said...

It was great having you :)

Steph B. said...

BTW.... if you have cell service through AT&T you do have service in Franklin :)