For all the single moms out there

God brings good out of bad. It’s in his character to turn ashes into beauty (Isa. 61:1–3). God redeems bad things in the lives of his daughters and makes them beautiful beyond all imagining. Far from being doomed to a life of heartache, you actually stand in a place where great blessings can occur—blessings that may not have been possible otherwise. Your difficult situation will also be one of the primary means God uses to reveal himself to you as husband, father, and friend. What he takes away on the human level, he provides from himself, and to the degree that you are willing to accept what you cannot change, you will taste God’s provision. In the unquestionable neediness brought about through single mothering, you have a unique chance to see God’s compassionate love and protective care that’s missing from your home and heart.

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moriah said...

Sara- you are so great at encouriging people- God has given you a gift, and you are so great at using it!


moriah said...

P.S. srry bout the sp of encouraging!...hehe!