The story of Manasseh

Over at The Blazing Center, the story of Manasseh is shared as an encouragement for those praying for those they think will never be saved.

This article got me as I do not spend enough time, any time, praying for those around me who need saved from God's wrath. And the article humbles me because I know I was the most unsaveable person I know and yet God did choose to save me because He is loving and merciful. And because I know he saved me, the most unsaveable person I know, he can save others and he does save others.

My Lord, I Did Not Choose You
Verses written by Josiah Conder (1836). Additional Chorus by Devon Kauflin

My Lord, I did not choose You
For that could never be
My heart would still refuse You
Had You not chosen me
You took the sin that stained me
You cleansed me, made me new
Of old You have ordained me
That I should live in You

Jesus, You have saved me
And taken all my sin, all my sins away
Jeus, You have called me
Before the world began, to glorify Your name
I was without hope and dead inside
But You chose to save my life

Unless Your grace had called me
And taught my darkened mind
The world would have enthralled me
To Your glories I'd be blind
My heart knows none above You
For Your rich grace I thirst
I know that if I love You
You must have loved me first

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