This post is for you...

Okay, this post is for all the visitors who either

(a) live vicariously through this blog

(b) "stalk" my blog (yes they actually said that to me)

or (c) read it, but don't leave comments.

You know who you are and just for this post, leave a comment. It's time to fess up - Kim, Debra, and everyone else!



Anonymous said...

"Live vicariously through this blog" - boy that person must be lame!

Love ya Sara!!


Danielle Wilson said...

this is the crossway blog directory! =)

Steph B. said...

:) ya'll are silly :)

still love ya;)

Teresa said...

I read it and leave comments. Your posts are great and well written - even when talking about toilets. However, I agree with Danielle, it is the crossway blog directory. If you're one of Sara's "cool people" you have arrived. :-)

Love ya!


Carol said...

That's interesting I just did a shout out too at my blog for people to post if they read. It must be that time of year. I do read your blog Sara. I know the other day I told someone just to go to your blog to get to another blog. It's the gateway to all worlds.

Carol said...

I forgot to say. See you at the conference. =)

LauraJoy said...

You know I read...and I often leave comments. And I feel honored to be on the "cool people" list!
See you tomorrow as we head to Gaithersburg :)

Danielle Wilson said...

i like how carol worded that....."the gateway to all worlds." so that means your blog is a little like C.S. Lewis' place in between worlds with all the pools. only instead of rings to switch worlds, you just need a mouse!
have fun at the worship conference ya'll! =)

Jack and Gina Plain said...

I'm an occasional reader, occasional commenter, and an occasional directory checker. Kara doesn't have the internet but she visits here now and then too. You are the gateway, as they say.

And you are well written and interesting. Keep it up girl.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Danielle, I use this as a directory too sometimes. :)