Your Place Series #3

The third meeting of the Singles Summer Series took place this past Wednesday at the Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster. Fourteen singles were richly treated to drinks, dessert and discourse by Brian Vanderweide, a pastor at our sister church, Covenant Fellowship. After a fond introduction by Doug Plank, Brian first thanked everyone for attending and communicated gratefulness and respect for the pastors of our church and their hearts for the church and for the singles.

Brian led us through the text Philippians 3:1-11 with the goal of assisting us in discerning what is priceless and worthless in God’s eyes. The word “priceless” can be overused for different things (Mastercard commercials) and can dull our senses to what is truly priceless. For something to be priceless, other things will need to be worthless. Why? Because everything can’t be priceless. Sounds simple, but in order to discern between the two, we will have to (1) guard against influences (v. 2-3) that will tell us what is priceless and worthless, (2) identify those things that are worthless (v. 4-8) and (3) continue to know (v. 10-11) and pursue the One who is priceless – Jesus Christ. The fruits of discerning between the priceless and the worthless in our lives, will be experiencing Christ’s power to overcome sin, experiencing joy in suffering and trials and sharing in the resurrection of Christ when He returns or call us home.

At the end of the meeting, Doug thanked Brian for speaking with the singles and he left us with a question to ponder and respond to. Doug asked us to consider the things in our life that we consider “priceless” – things that we devote our time and energy to or find our identity in – job, assets, financial status, relational status, etc. He then challenged us to repent of treasuring things above Christ, and to turn to Christ and find that he is truly priceless and everything else is worthless.

Thank you Brian, Doug and the pastors for an enjoyable evening!


Jude & Kate's Mom said...

This sounds amazing! Thanks for updating all of us on these meeting, Sara. I wish I could attend. They sound so good.

I miss you! We will catch up sometime soon...right?! Ha ha!

Love ya!

Danielle Wilson said...

pretty sly! I don't ever remember hearing you get up to take that picture! =)