Countless gain our way

“Oftimes has Providence, with a rough hand, thrown countless gain in our way in the form of the trial of our faith, which is much more precious than gold. Blessed be the Lord, our temporary bruise is soon forgotten, but the spiritual gain abides for ever.”

- Charles Spurgeon, All Round Ministry (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, 2000), 385.


sweetly broken said...

Catching up with the Rankin blog, my friend! I appreciate your humor and passion for God. What a great package! My Keaton asked this morning why Miss Sara isn't married, doesn't she want to be? (That was more than a 30 second answer!)Because, clearly, in her mind, Miss Sara is the marrying kind! And so she is in tune with the single ladies of our church now. We love you!

Sara said...

Aww..how sweet! I'm curious what your answer was. :)