Road to 1 Single Day

With the Olympics underway, I thought I would take a moment to make some comments.

1. Beijing may have venues like "The Bird's Nest" and "The Watercube," but we have "The Barn" and "The Lounge."

2. Beijing's culinary offers cooked scorpions on a stick. We will be offering marshmallows on a stick over a roaring campfire.

3. We will have ultimate frisbee at 1 Single Day, which hopefully one day will become an Olympic sport.

4. Instead of teams representing countries as in Beijing, family groups at 1 single day will be representing "the butterflies," "the surfer dudes" and the "shooting stars" as marked by their tattoos.

5. The Beijing Olympics is being shown in high-definition on television. 1 single day, unfortunately, won't. But coming to it live is so much better than HD!

What comparisons or contrasts can you make with the Beijing Olympics and 1 single day?


Lisa said...

The Olympics may have Bob Costas, but we have DOUG PLANK!!!

Lisa said...

The Olympians focus on flying higher and going faster - at 1SD, we'll be Rooted and Grounded.