parents update

Hey everyone, just a brief update...i heard from my parents tonight. I didn't get to talk to them but they were able to call and leave a long message. They do have electricity and water finally. Many trees around them came down - none on their house - but there's alot to clean up. My dad sounded tired over the phone, so I'm sure this has been a long long week for them.

The school where they work was cancelled this week to clean up with the hope to open next week but apparently there is alot to clean up and little to no help. please continue to pray for them. pray that my dad and mom would not be discouraged with all the work and little to no help available. my dad sounded really discouraged in the message. pray that God would sovereignly and graciously provide help to my parents.

thanks everyone for praying and for asking for updates!

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Steph B. said...

thanks for the update.. i have been wondering