When all God does is speak...

I nervously stepped into the judge's chambers. I had been requested by name. For what, I was not entirely sure. "Sara, I just wanted to thank you...I knew I could count on you..." I was dumbfounded although I hope I didn't look it. Here was a powerful busy man taking time to acknowledge my small efforts on a project I found out later that was very important. He didn't have to do it, but he did. Am I grateful he did? Yes.

Within the current state of the economy, there is an air of discouragement and possibly even mistrust in the workplace. "Will I get layed off or fired? My bosses are having a meeting...am I on the chopping block? So and so was let go, I'm sure to be next." Thoughts like these can overwhelm us, de-mobilize and de-motivate us, in the course of the day, weeks or months even. I'm not immune to these thoughts as I'm sure others reading this are not either.

Yes, I am grateful for that encounter that occurred. I know that it is doesn't ensure job security, but I am grateful that the lines of communication and feedback remain open that in turn fosters trust amidst these difficult times.

Reflecting on this encounter, it made me think of God. In times when it seems like nothing is happening or the way we want things to happen is not happening and all God is doing is speaking. Just speaking. But all we want is action. But all God is doing is speaking. (Trust me I know what I speak of.)

In God's kindness, I have come to see, appreciate and desire more that God is speaking than doing. In speaking to me, He is building my faith and trust in Him so that when the changes come and come they will, I know they come from the hand of a loving Father and not just a powerful being.

So is God speaking to you and not acting yet? Take heart. You're in a good place.


Jude and Kate's Mom said...

Great post, Sara! Pretty cool experience, too. I'm glad you are being recognized for your hard work, but I'm most glad that you are aware of God's voice. :) Love you!

Danielle Wilson said...

Encouraging post, Sara! =)