Gettin' My Geek on

Ok, so on this blog, I've revealed some things about me. Well here's another one.

Drum roll.... I am a Trekkie. How am I a Trekkie? Well, let's let the facts speak for themselves.

1. I had a pair of Vulcan ears when I was younger. No there is no picture although now I wish there was. I was probably a cute Vulcan with pointy ears and curly hair. Hmm...that sounds more like elvish...Rivendell Elvish.

2. I have an autograph character trading card with Lt. Worf and I still have it. I actually got to meet Michael Dorn who plays the Klingon when I was 12. He was a very nice man with hairy arms.

3. I went to a Star Trek convention. That's how #2 happened.

4. My favorite Star Trek series has to be Star Trek: The Next Generation. Great writing, great actors and great characters.

5. I have also seen all episodes of #4 which comes out to be 178 episodes on television as they aired. The first episode aired on September 28, 1987 with and concluded after seven seasons on May 23, 1994. (Yeah I had no life back then)

I could go on, but I want to leave some mystery left about me. :)

So, why am I gettin' my geek on? Well I have seen the new trailer for the new movie Star Trek that's meant to revive the Star Trek universe.

The trailer is good. It's definitely got my ears itchin'.


Amy said...

Wow, you're dorkier than I am. Although I geeked out over the trailer a long while ago. I'm also excited that Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) is playing Spock and Karl Urban (Eomer from LOTR) is playing McCoy.

Danielle Wilson said...

Loved this post, especially #2 [with the hairy arms]. I always get a kick out of Capt. Kirk-William Shatner and William Shatner now...he use to play such studly parts, and now he plays a goof ball half the time! LOL