Where I've Been

Hey trusty blog followers,

First off, thanks to everyone who stops by. I don't know everyone who stops by, but I hope your encouraged by what you read here.

Second, I just wanted to write to apologize for the blog silence. The silence was intentional as I was discerning my time and my heart when it came to the computer and more specifically the internet. Some things were revealed and more importantly with this blog, I realized I missed this and I think I missed it for the right reasons. I missed sharing the things I read or saw or did to share with others. I missed this as a place for me to keep things for myself. This has become an online journal of things for me to go back to and remember and be reminded of God's truth and God's faithfulness.

So, I'm back baby...yeah!

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LauraJoy said...

I'm still stopping by regularly. Glad you're back :)