DG interviews Paul Tripp

Desiring God interviewed Paul Tripp on a variety of questions.

Here's a snippet on non-sinful conflict.

My wife and I wake up in the morning on different sides of the universe. She is wired completely different than me. She will look at things in a polar opposite way of me. We're not always in perspectival agreement. And I don't think that's necessary. I think that's legalism, where everybody must absolutely agree with my perspectives on everything. We're perspectivally often not in agreement. But I don't think unity is the same as uniformity. Because God has clearly created his world with disuniformity. The Body of Christ is not uniform. Unity is the result of what you do in the face of difference. So if our conflict is the result of perspectival difference, then the question becomes what do I do in the face of that that promotes love and unity between us, even though our perspectives on this are different.

You can read the whole thing here.

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