Beloved of Christ

Over at Radical Womanhood, Carolyn MccCulley responded to the feedback she asked for about the blog. Tucked in her response was something I want to strive for and remember.

Since that time, I've been thinking a lot about what you said. I'm glad to know that the wide variety of topics on this blog is actually interesting and maybe even helpful. That falls in line with something I've been mullling over for awhile: that we are actually people with varied interests, not just people who can be sorted by marital status or season of life. More importantly, in the church, we are disciples of Christ, and we have more in common because of that than we have in differences because of our marital status or season of life. When we slot ourselves in our churches, we can stifle true fellowship. We see each other by role, rather than by the way the disciple John knew himself to be: beloved of Christ. And I suspect that when we share that identity with John, we can be quick to urge others to see themselves in the same way.

I can remember specifically seasons and moments where I would categorize people as single or married and would only gravitate to those I found who were similar to my season. When I changed caregroups and found myself with others who were totally different than me, it was challenging and this mindset was revealed. It was a huge time of change, but on this side of the change, I wouldn't go back. I would say I am a richer person for having people in my life with diffferent interests, different life seasons and marital statuses. As Carolyn said about seeing others as John knew himself to be: beloved of Christ; I am challenged to see myself and see other Christians that way as well.

Beloved of Christ. I like that.