God's promises

God’s goodness inclines him to make his promises, and his faithfulness engages him to keep them. –Thomas Lye

God’s power guarantees he can keep his promises. His wisdom assures us he’ll keep them at the perfect time. His righteousness assures us he’ll never make a false pledge. His graciousness moves him to make hundreds of promises and his love delights to fulfill them.

God’s promises encourage us, fuel our hope, bolster our perseverance, and guide us in prayer. They cover our every need – God promises to save, sustain, provide, protect, perfect, comfort, care for, deliver, delight, revive and refresh us.

So open God’s word, find his promises, believe them, memorize them, pray for them, and thank him in advance for them…Yep, there’s a promise for that.

-from Mark Altrogee blog post June 13, 2010

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