Implications of Adoption

Between Sunday night catching up with the Hess' and this morning, I had a random thought that has stayed with me and has now fleshed out into something more coherent and full. This thought is not a great or profound thought, but it has encouraged me greatly as I ponder it and its implications.

God sees me as his adopted child; no more, no less.

And it made me think, is this the way I see myself? I have to say no. I can be caught up with titles I currently have (single) or don't have (wife, mother). I can be caught up with how productive or non-productive my life can be (I'm still paying off debt, my house is not the way I want it to be). And even now, seeing these things in print before me, these things could change or could not change. And if these things changed, would I still be looking at myself in these ways? More than likely yes.

But that's not how God sees me. No matter the current season, role, situation I am in now or in the future, God sees me as his adopted child and co-heir with Christ. And that is an encouraging thought, becauses as seasons change, roles emerge and situations come and go, I will never not stop being God's adopted child. That is a title that is imprinted on me with the blood of His Son Jesus who died on the cross to atone for my sins. It will never fade, never get old, and is the only way for me to enter heaven.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you caught up with your own thoughts on your life or how God thinks of you, as an adopted child of His? Do you realize the implications of what being adopted by God means?

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Danielle Wilson said...

great post on some great thoughts!