Knowing God as Father Helps in Obedience

Over on the Desiring God blog, there was a post about the command to obedience is really the call to faith. The post is well worth the read and I encourage you to read it, especially since I'll be using it as a springboard for the following thoughts below.

As I have read, studied and thought about God as Father and its' implications, I find myself looking at things through this perspective. The results of this change in perspective have been surprising in a good way. I see how my view about God and thinking of Him as Father and I His child, impacts everything - trials, blessings, sufferings, relationships, service, etc. After reading this article by Desiring God, I see how my view of God as Father affects obedience. Do I obey because I have to obey to appease God or find favor with Him or do I obey because I trust God, that's He good, that his commands are not burdensome (I John 5:3) and they are for my good (Psalm 119:7; Psalm 119:93)?

How I view God will affect how I see obedience and when I am called to obey God in situations. The call of obedience IS a call to faith in God. Oh Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!

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Jack and Gina Plain said...

Thanks Sara. I appreciated reading the blog post from Desiring God as well as your thoughts.