One of my favorite verses is Psalm 23:6, "Surely goodness and mercy (steadfast love) shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever."  It has been a verse that has been on my mind and heart lately as I think of friends in trials and physical suffering. 

Today, the verse was on my mind for myself as I went through my morning routines before work today.  It encourages me and reminds me that today is one of the days of my life where goodness and steadfast love will follow me.  I pondered those last two words, "follow me."  Growing up, I recall the times my dog who would follow one of us around.  During walks, he would get distracted by an animal or another walker and we would have to direct his attention back to us and other times, he would stay right with us, even going ahead.  I find I often think of God's goodness and steadfast love like walking my dog.  He's right there with me, but I think God gets distracted from time to time and I have to shoot a prayer or say a verse to direct his attention back to me. 

Sounds okay, right?  Now's here where I laugh.  God is not like my dog and I'm certainly not walking Him around, but what is He like and how does goodness and steadfast love follow me all the days of my life? Reading in my little devotional book at work, the verse today was Psalm 23:6 (?!) and the first line is "What a surprising way to describe God.  A God who pursues us."  (Grace for the Moment, Max Lucado)  Huh, a God who pursues us.  Instead of aimlessly following behind me like my dog, God is actively pursuing me and He's the One getting my attention with goodness and steadfast love when I get distracted by other things.    

That puts "all the days of my life" in a different perspective now.

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