Faith or Fear

I thought this was an excellent post on What's Best Next on God's sovereignty in the midst of suffering and our response to it.  Yes, God allows suffering, but we are not meant to sit by with the thought that "if God allowed it, then I can't do anything."  No, we're meant to love others by sharing their burdens and alleviating them of suffering if and when we can. 

I love this quote:
So, even though God is in control of all things, we are never to allow that to be a reason or excuse for not helping another in need or fighting evil with all our might. (Indeed, it’s God’s sovereignty which is our best cause for hope.)

I was particularly challenged and strengthened by the post.  It can seem like suffering can last a long time with no improvement whatsoever.  It can seem like suffering rules the day even.  But look past the suffering and see God is orchestrating it all for a larger purpose.  And even if God's purposes in suffering is not declared openly, we have His word, His truth in Scripture that calls for each of His children to love another, care for one another, encourage one another, share each others burdens, etc.  We may never know the purpose of the suffering this side of heaven because we are not God and his ways are mysterious.  But we do have His word to guide us, encourage us and strenthen us.  Will we trust God and obey His revealed word?  Or will we shrink back from lack of faith? 

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