Ian Murphy

Hello friends,

Below is the link to a blog with updates on Ian Murphy.

For those of who may not know who Ian is, Ian is a member of a family who attends the Lord of Life Church in Indiana, PA. Ian completed an internship in Lancaster this past summer and some of us at CCL came in contact with him.

Please pray for him and his family. There have been some encouraging news of late, so please check out the blog. Please pray for the Indiana church as well. With this and Alivia, this church is enduring alot and that is probably an understatement.

On a side note, praise God for the ability to have blogs and be able to update friends and family from anywhere about things to pray for!

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Laura C. said...

thanks for posting the info on the blog for Ian. it's great to be able to see the specifics and then to be able to pray more specifically. thanks again! :)