Blog Help: Commenting

Another question I often get is how to post comments. Below are some brief instructions to commenting!

To post comments:
1. Click on the link below the post that says " 'number' comments." (It will be next to the date of post.) You will go to a new window.
2. You do not need to sign up to Blogger to post comments. You can post comments under the title "Anonymous."
3. Type in your comments in the large box to the right. Comments previously made by others will be on the left. Remember to leave your name in the comments section!
4. In the Word Verification section, type the letters that you see on the screen. This is a handy tool to block unwanted spam comments.
5. You can then preview your comments to check for mistakes or if you're confident of your typing skills, click on "Publish" to leave your comment.

Feel free to use this post to practice!



Anonymous said...

Okay Sara,
so I'm learning how to post a comment! How cool is that? Not as cool as being on a jet to Hawaii! I'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

Looked at the clock this morning it was 7:30 and thought of you - there she is up the beautiful blue skies! Hope you have a great time, will be praying for you!

Krista said...

Prayed for you at 11:30 last night! Can't wait to hear how the flight went! Love ya.