Ever feel like you're living life in your life? I know it sounds strange, but with buying a house thing, I feel like the event of buying a house has inserted itself into my rather full life. Not that I'm complaining, but "normal" life needs to keep happening - time with God, laundry, food preparation, cleaning, serving, developing and maintaining friendships and relationships, and the list goes on...The past few weeks have been busy and God has been gracious and kind to extend sustaining grace for "normal" life...

So, in no particular preference, this post is kind of a recap of "normal" life -

-A few weekends ago, I attended a 21st birthday party for Natalie Kane. Part of the celebration including watching the movie North and South. I LOVED the movie! If you've never seen the movie, do not read the description on the back. The description includes, in my opinion, some false advertisement. I got into trouble with the false advertisement and I'm not sharing what that means on this blog. (Shannon - is that a good enough recap for you? :-) )

- Alpha, a 10 week course at my church, is coming to an end here in 2 weeks...I love being at Alpha and the wonderful memories created from it! All the ladies in the kitchen are "da bomb!"

- Last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the movie Amazing Grace at the new Penn Cinema with a girlfriend, Christine SCHMAL-HOFFER! (You can't just say her name normally!) Excellent movie! I studied British history in college and that time period is my favorite of Great Britain because of all the social changes that occurred. I thought the movie did well with emphasizing the long and arduous tasks Wilberforce took to abolish slavery and the other social changes he was part of changing. I also thought the movie did well in portraying the obstacles Wilberforce encountered in the House of Commons, although I thought the movie could have done better with that. The abolition of slavery in the greatest nation at the time would send ripples throughout the British empire and other countries around the world politically, economically and socially. To compare it to something of today's scene with a similar emphasis of the effect, it would be like the USA switching from using crude oil to some other alternative resource. Yeah, it's that big of a deal...

- And last but not least, this past weekend I tried a new recipe that is absolutely fun and easy to make! It is called mini-meatloaves! This is not the recipe I tried but it gives you an idea! They are yummy and easy to make and you can freeze them for future meals. I placed 12 equal scoops of the meatloaf concoction in a 12 cup muffin pan and voila! six meals for the future!



krista said...

Hey Dear Friend!
I laughed very hard, again, when reading the story about Natalie's Party...good times *wink*.

Love ya,
Krista :)

shannon said...

oh my goodness. i just about died laughing. almost-perfect recap. you should have just mentioned that we all had an absolute blast that day! thank you for the recap. that was the highlight of my day. haha. i will continue laughing for the rest of the night...have a wonderful week!

Sara said...

Krista and Shannon,
Love your comments! They made me laugh thinking of you guys laughing!

Can you believe I am going to watch the movie again this weekend? It won't probably be near as funny this time around because I'll know to keep my mouth shut!