New Attitude 2007 - The "Real" Promotion

For all my single friends out there attending NA'07 in 6 weeks,
this is for you!
Click on the picture below for some important information
before you head to NA'07!


Steph B. said...

LOL... too funny!!!

~Danielle~ said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!!!! :)~
I won't be near my email for a week or so, so call if you need anything. :)

Lisa said...

oh...my...gosh!!!!! HYSTERICAL!!!
Carol...looks like I'm already one up since we made whoopie pies together!! :)

Viv said...

very funny!

dlandisfam said...

My phone is ringing off the hook. I have got so much business I dont know who to help first. These single women are going CRAZY looking for their man. I am working on a date to get together to have whoopie pie classes. They say the way to a man is through his stomach. Everybody will be bringing their copy of IKDG book and we are going to start a fire. And we will also be making "flirt like heck" necklaces. When I come up with the date I will be sure to let you know.

teresa said...

This is just as funny as the first time I saw it. You two are just too much!
Love ya,