Bible: Boring?

I must confess that I don't read the "boring" parts of the Bible: Leviticus, Numbers and the endless lists in the OT about people, tribes, who beget who, etc. I want to read the "exciting" parts like Psalms, any of the gospels, or any of the NT books. But as one blogger from Desiring God wrote in today's post pointed out:

The more detailed the report of God's faithfulness, the more proof that indeed not one word of his had been false. He promised their forefathers this land, and now, because of this account in the book of Joshua, they can remember specifically how God was faithful. Faithful in concrete detail. Faithful down to the most boring of trivia.

It's true that knowing Michmethah is east of Shechem ranks very low in the list of facts that are important to know from the Bible. But it matters, because the sum of all the dull details that God has accomplished proves that whatever he promises, he will do.

We have a God who keeps a tally of sparrows, who counts the hairs on our head (Luke 12:6-7), and who watches over the grass as it grows (Matthew 6:30). If that's not boring, what is? But it is his power over the mundane and trivial details that proves his power over the universe. And because of this power, we know he can keep his promises.

(Emphasis mine)

What a wonderful reminder of God's sovereignty and how sobering that I think the OT is boring! What a gift the OT is in giving us reminders of God's faithfulness and sovereignty. God is so kind and merciful to foolish me.

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