So Blogger Draft has this new feature called "Polls" so I am moving my BJ's/CostCo question to the side.

Thanks to everyone so far who has commented!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I voted for BJS bc that is what I have. So far i have been pleased. I don't buy alot of food in bulk but i do buy toiletries and household products in bulk. I have only been to Costco a couple times and from what I've seen bjs has a better selection of those items. I got a discount through work so that was another reason I am a loyal BJS member :) Happy picking :)

Kim R

Carol said...

You are always up on the latest blog thing. The poll thing is cool.
I can't figure out how to do a link on my blog. Can you help me?


Alivia's Momma said...


I must say that Costco is one of the places I miss being here in hospital land. I love that place. I even considered going one afternoon but thought what would I buy in bulk right now and where in the world would I keep it? They tend to have lots of other stuff that isn't food...like Christmas cards, craft stuff, books, CD's, movies, etc. If I was out of here I would offer to take you with me. Oh and the photo developing is cheap.

LauraJoy said...

I have to agree with Emily. I would keep my Costco membership for the picture developing alone. You can upload pix from the Costco website and crop them, fix them, add borders, etc. AND they're ready in an hour! And they're the cheapest around. Good stuff :)