Survey Says...

Quick question to all you blog dwellers out there:

BJ's or Costco? Which do you prefer and why?

Please respond in the comments or email.



Amy L said...

Um... whichever one doesn't have a fee to shop there. So, Costco, right?

I can't buy enough in the course of a year to make up in "savings" for the annual fee.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara girl,

Costco, definetly Costco. Now I've never been to a BJ's but the savings on clothes and flowers alone pay for the fee. Yes you do buy in bulk but their convenience foods are great also. Boneless skin less chicken thighs in packs of four, hamburger already in 1/2 rounds in a 6 lb. pack just place one in a zip lock baggie and hamb. for a month for a single gal! (Or half the pack if your having the Mellingers over for Chili!) Also for me I'm driving past Costco alot, BJ's I'm not in that direction often. So there's some thoughts - Oh also gas at Costco is always cheaper at Costco, usually at least a few pennies sometimes more.
Happy deciding,

Carol said...

I cast my vote for Costco. I have been to B.J.'s. I didn't like the store the minute I walked in and never walked back in again. Costco makes shopping fun. It's a unique experience every time I go. Yeah Costco.......


Steph B. said...

Costco well... b/c we don't have a BJ's :o)

LauraJoy said...

I have memberships at both b/c I am on my dad's family memebership at BJ's and I have my own at Costco. And I'd definitely have to cast my vote for Costco. I like the Kirkland brand (Costco generic) better than the Berkley & Jensen brand (BJ's generic). And I guess I'm just used to Costco and always enjoy my experience there. And they always have tons of samples (not that I'm encouraging that now that we're WW girls!)

Janelle said...

i currently am a member at bjs but have heard wonderful things about costco. i just went to costcos last week and it is better than bjs (similar in many ways though...i think costco just has more)!! i also have to agree with laura...i like kirkland stuff better than berkly & jenson

Jack and Gina Plain said...

OK, are you all ready for this essay on the benefits of Costco vs. BJ's or vice versa??!!

I live near Costco so that's where I have a membership, but I still think I like it better. BJ's seems to have more choices, though, and it seems like you can buy smaller quantities. I noticed this in the shampoo isle, also with cards. At Costco, you can only buy large quantities of cards, but at BJ's, you can buy just one.

I think I'm just used to Costco and BJ's takes too long since I'm not familiar with it and it has more choices. The good thing about BJ's if you are a coupon clipper (as is Kara), is that they take coupons. I went with Kara (she has a work membership) and it took us forever, but we used store coupons (BJ's has lots more than Costco) and used brand coupons on top of that and got great deals! So I think if I lived equally close, I might pick BJ's (at least for a year) and try to get used to it.

I can't imagine saving money at Costco or BJs if I were single or had a small family though. I guess if you have a big freezer and plenty of storage space, it might be worth it. And if you are always taking food to church picnics. :) Sometimes I wonder if I'm really saving and I'm not sure I am, but I think I am getting better quality. I think we eat better, even if I don't save in every area. And since I'm such a saver, my family is happy that we now eat better. I rarely, if ever, don't like what I buy at Costco. And they will return your money, no questions asked, if there is anything wrong, at all. I'm sure BJ's would be the same.

When I first decided if I wanted to join, I calculated that if I just bought gas there, I could recoup my membership fee in one year. Sometimes the gas is quite a bit cheaper and sometimes just a penny or so. If you have to drive out of your way to get it, it's not worth it.

The samples at Costco are great (don't know about BJ's), and the snack bar is good. You don't have to be a member to eat at the snack bar though. The frozen yogurt, the hot dogs, the bottomless 60 cent soda, the pizza, etc etc. all very good.

Dawn is right - the flowers and the clothes are good. There are always new things every time I go. Probably the same at BJs.

Bottom line: they both have good points. You should ask for a guest pass or go with someone - you probably have already. No matter which you pick, you will always be able to hitch a visit with someone to either place.

Here's one last thing: a little pet peeve of mine - it is COSTCO, not Costco's. Costco doesn't own anything, it's just a name of the store. I guess BJ owns the store, that's why it's BJ's. Glad I got that off my chest.

Have fun either way! Gina

Anonymous said...

I can finely leave a comment. Anyway, I have never been to BJ's thus I cannot vote. It is funny to see all the opinions though:)