Welcome to your work week...

So this morning I’m getting ready and I whisk away to my car and when I get to the parking garage and make for my office building. I notice something’s funny about how I’m walking. I did do some physical activity this weekend so I think I’m just sore or something, but nothing hurts. So I stop in the middle of the sidewalk and look down and I’m wearing two different shoes…they look VERY similar except one has a wide heel and the other is flat..so I chuckle to myself and try to walk without bringing attention to my mistake….I wish I could say that I'm making this up, but I'm not and for proof see below...



Krista said...

Thanks for the laugh girly!!!:)
Love ya,

Steph B. said...

:) hey at least they are the correct feet!!!!

they are, aren't they ???

Sara said...

Steph,- Thanks for asking if they are on the correct feet because as by this post, you just never know. And yes, they are on the correct feet.

Carol said...

Oh Sara that is too funny! And how humble of you to tell the whole world. It's good to be able to laugh at yourself.


Anonymous said...

Oh Girl that's a good one!!! One question though - why do you have two pair of shoes that look so much a like... Let's see I have black slipon's and I have black slipon's :) !!
Thanks for the giggle!! Carol's right you are a humble gal!
Hopefully see ya Wend.

Anonymous said...

OK girlie you are definitely loosing it. Im thinking how is the Flirt Like Heck going to work if you cant even get the shoes to match. You never know maybe there is some handsome man out there that is into things like that. You are a funny one.
Its the other white Carol

Steph B. said...


Do you have matching shoes on?


shannon said...


That's absolutely awesome. And it made me laugh so hard. It's worse than leaving the house in slippers, which I've done a few times. Haha.

Blonds unite!...wait...you're not blond. Haha. Well blonds and blonds-should-be unite! And no, I'm not insulting your intelligence. I'm just providing you with an excuse.

Love ya!
See you soon!


Jude's Mom said...

Dude, I would totally have done this! In fact, I HAVE done this. One time I got to work and realized I was wearing on black boot and one brown boot. That will teach me to have the same pair of boots in two different colors! DOH!

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

I agree...it speaks of your humility to even mention it, let alone provide pics! Thanks for the smile. :)